Golbishe Online Florist

We, at GolBishe, has always seen hundreds of thousands of smiles from flower recipients. Smiles we saw were the direct result of flower deliveries and this is the most important reason that causes us to feel proud and satisfied. Today, GolBishe is one of the largest online flower shopping websites in Iran that is leading the market in innovation, quality, and national coverage level.
Our flower delivery system in GolBishe works in a way that the client must submit the desired flower box order according to his/her taste at least 24 hours before the flower delivery date. Flower delivery is performed by GolBishe’s trained staff across the country and natural flowers that are all fresh are supplied from the nearest flower warehouse to the location of order delivery.
If GolBishe website visitors require immediate flower delivery services, it is possible in less than 3 hours if the desired flower is in stock in the nearest flower warehouse to the order delivery location.

  • GolBishe services:

    The main and most important activities and services of GolBishe online flower shopping are:

    • Taking orders and online sale of natural flowers across Iran
    • Delivering natural flowers to all over Iran
    • Online selling of flowers and plants
    • Packaging and delivering natural flowers in a floral arrangement inside a flower box
    • Customization of flower boxes by placing a text and printing photos on flower boxes for free
    • Receiving gifts purchased by the customer and delivering it along with the flower box (GolBishe products) in provincial capitals of Iran
  • GolBishe’s online flower shopping slogan:

    Is the messenger of love!
    GolBishe delivers your love message to your sweetheart...

  • GolBishe’s purpose and perspective:

    Becoming the best and the most reliable flower shop in Tehran and Iran

  • The idea and formation of GolBishe:

    In the afternoon of February 13, 2015, Mr. Sultani, of managers and thinkers of GolBishe website, suddenly becomes aware of the birthday of one of his friends living in the city of Nishabur. After searching the Internet, he realized that there are no online shops for sending happy birthday flowers to his friend. This event was the first spark of establishing GolBishe’s website and flower shop.