Terms and Conditions

Nature and beauty lovers, please read the following carefully for efficient use of GolBishe’s online flower box delivery services. When placing your online order for a flower box, logging as a user in GolBishe’s website means that you are aware of/and accept the terms and conditions and also know how to use online flower delivery services of GolBishe website. Please note that submitting your order at any time means the acceptance of GolBishe’s complete terms and conditions on your side. Furthermore, it should be noted that the mentioned terms and conditions replace all previous agreements.

  • General rules

    Dear users, please note that all procedures of GolBishe online ordering is in compliance with laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Electronic Commerce Act, and the act of protection of consumer rights and users are subsequently obliged to comply with user related laws. If any changes are made to the listed laws, procedures and services of GolBishes, they will be published and updated in this page and by continuous use of GolBishe website you will agree to accept any changes.

  • Definition of customer or client

    Customer or client is someone who has registered on GolBishe website for using online flower ordering services.

  • Electronic communications of GolBishe with site users

    GolBishe online flower shopping website will send an email including the purchase invoice to customers that have registered in the website to the entered email address by the user when registering.
    In addition, only the information entered by the user when registering on the website will be considered for communications and contacts related to coordination and delivery.
    If you do not want to receive emails or SMS for information regarding latest products or sales, you can opt out of GolBishe’s online delivery website newsletter.

  • Privacy policies

    GolBishe takes all the necessary measures to preserve and protect the information of registered users.All available content through GolBishe’s online flower shopping and delivery website such as images, signs, texts, downloadable content and items that can be copied, scripts, and registered trademarks are exclusive to this website and any abusive commercial purposes are subject to prosecution. Users are completely responsible for their activities performed under their user account or password.
    By having a two star electronic trust icon, a shining record, rich experience and content, GolBishe has taken the first step toward earning your trust.

  • Order submit, process, and deliveryش

    All orders submitted on GolBishe website contain an order no. and its confirmatory purchase invoice will be sent to the user’s email address.
    GolBishe always performs its utmost effort and precaution for delivering the flower box, However, if a production inventory is out of stock in GolBishe, the right to cancel the order or return its payment is preserved for GolBishe even after the customer has submitted the order. Or the customer can replace another product with the one that is out of stock.
    In case of any problems in the final processing of the shopping cart such as zero product inventory or customer cancellation, the amount that has been paid will be returned to customer’s bank account within 24-48 working hours.
    GolBishe can stop receiving new orders and making sales without prior notice but all orders submitted before service stoppage will be delivered. GolBishe online flower shopping website has the right to stop delivering any products without prior notice for any reasons such as running out of stock.In case of inserting unrelated prices for products, GolBishe can cancel the considered order and take necessary measures for retuning the order amount to the customer.
    While entering information in the order submission section of the website, users are responsible for accurate and correct entry of required information. In case of failure to enter correct information, the user will not be able to track and receive the product.

  • GolBishe customization services

    For improving the satisfaction of clients and enriching the gift value, GolBishe can receive a text or a photo (maximum A4 size) from the client and deliver it to the client’s required address along with the ordered products.
    GolBishe offers special services for managers, vendors, and marketers requesting to send gifts, appreciation and introduction letters, brochures of products and services along with beautiful flowers to their special customers. GolBishe has enabled the possibility to provide these services (even immediately) across all major cities of Iran.
    GolBishe’s exclusive event reminder system is used for registering important and special dates to remind them to you beforehand.
    لIt should be noted that all customization services of GolBishe are not part of its main services for delivering flower boxes and GolBishe merely provides these services for improving the satisfaction of dear users.

  • Transportation losses

    GolBishe always tries its utmost to deliver all orders to its customers across Iran in perfect health and intact. We 100% guarantee the freshness of delivered flowers and promise to bring a smile on the face of your recipient. If you are not satisfied for any reasons, your product will be replaced or the order amount will be fully refunded to you.

  • Reviews, comments, communications, and other contents

    Users can submit any reviews, comments, suggestions, and other related contents to GolBishe website via the contact link and by entering their name, email, and the desired text.

  • Pricing policy

    Pricing policy on GolBishe online flower delivery website is based on the principles of customer focus and respecting consumer rights. All prices on the customer’s purchase invoice along with the cost of delivery for the desired product are calculated, inserted and sent to the user’s provided email address.

  • Agencies

    GolBishe online flower delivery website does not have any sales and supply agencies or after-sales service in any of Iran’s regions. All services, financial transactions and provided services are processed from the website’s central office. In case you become aware of any violations of these cases, kindly inform GolBishe’s support section for prosecution.

  • Force majeure

    All of the above mentioned terms and conditions are applicable under normal conditions and GolBishe website has no responsibilities in case of occurrence of any instances of force majeure.