If you wish your order to be delivered on Thursday, please register your order online by 21:00 Wednesday on local time


Ordering and tracking the order

  • I want to order from a distant city. Are the flowers sent from Tehran? Won’t they be ruined until they reach me?

    A: No, we send fresh flowers from the nearest warehouse to your destination so that they reach the costumer in the best condition.

  • 2. Are the flowers you send all over the country natural or synthetic?

    A: Definitely natural, Golbishe only offers our Iranian compatriots natural fresh flowers.

  • 3. Question: I would like to buy from Golbishe but I'm not certain if you send me the product that I see or at the time that I want.

    A: Having a two-star symbol of trust, great history, and rich experience and content is the first step towards earning your trust. Another point is the experience of the people who have received our products. According to many of them: "your delivered products are even more stylish and attractive than what appears on the web site." Our experience and history of offering thousands of smile reflects the fact that our trained personnel across the country have made their best efforts to send the ordered products to your loved ones exactly at the time you want them to.

  • 4. Do I have to sign up for purchasing from Golbishe?

    A: No, Registration is not required for purchasing from Golbishe but by signing up you can:

    • use the strongest system for reminding the occasions.
    • Keep track of your purchases and easily manage your previous records.
    • stay updated with the new products and special sales of Golbishe.

  • 5. How do I know the status of the orderd items?

    A: If you are registered, login to your account on the website. We report the history of your order at any stage. If you have not registered, you can contact our experts. They will keep you informed.

  • After I submit my order, can I edit or cancel it?

    A: We have the ability to change your order before sending the order or even while sending it. However, if the product has already been delivered we would be unable to replace it. You can cancel the order before or even while sending it by contacting our experts and only if the order has already been delivered unfortunately we would be unable to cancel it.

  • 7. How can I make sure the product that I ordered has reached its recipient?

    A: We receive a consent letter from the recipient when delivering the product which shows the quality of our service and the accurate timely delivery. Upon the request of the customer, we can send it via email to you.

Customizing the order

  • 1. Where do you exactly put the photo on the package?

    A: We place it inside the package in a way that only when the product is received and the door is opened by the recipient it can be visible. For this purpose, the door of all the products of Golbishe is sealed with a special hologram.

  • 2. What is the size of the photo you send in the package?

    A: We select the image size based on the quality of your picture, but the maximum image size is 15 x 10 cm.

  • 3. Can you send any pictures or posts that I want alongside photo?

    A: we can send any photos or writing as long as they have no contradiction with the sacred religion of Islam, the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran and the social norms of Iranian culture.

Order delivery method

  • 1. How do you send our order?

    A: The well-mannered and well-trained forces of Golbishe around the country are ready to serve our dear costumers. They deliver the product ordered by you with respect and good behavior and on time.

  • 2. Do you charge us for delivering the orders?

    A: Due to the location and distance from the main centers of the province and moving inside the city and the type of service, a small fee is received for sending the orders which can be seen at the time of the order.

  • 3. Can you send natural flowers across the country?

    A: Yes, the powerful system of Golbishe proudly covers all areas of Iran. Even if the name of your destination city does not exist in the selection list when you order, it is still possible to send it there. In this case, please contact our experts.

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خرید گل

ارسال گل طبیعی به ایران توسط گل فروشی انلاین گلبیشه بصورت 24 ساعته و در هفت روز آماده خدمت رسانی به شما عزیزان می باشد . در اینجا شما با کیفیت ترین دسته گل ها را در جعبه گل لوکس خواهید یافت . ما بهترین و شاداب ترین هدیه را برای منسبت های متفاوت مانند تبریک تولد , تبریک سالگرد ازدواج , عیادت از بیمار , خواستگاری , معذرت خواهی و یا حتی بی بهانه برای شما مهیا کرد ایم . هدیه شما بوسلیه سیستم حمل و نقل ویژه گلبیشه در سراسر کشور توسط نیروهای آموزش دیده تحویل مخاطب شما میشود.

شما با راحتی و آرامش و فقط با سفارش آنلاین گل در فروشگاه گلبیشه میتوانید مخاطب خاص خود را خوشحال کنید و لبخند را در سراسر کشور عزیزمان هدیه دهید . گلبیشه برای جلب اطمینان شما گارانتی گلبیشه را در نظر گرفته است تا شما با اطمینان خاطر سفارش خود را ثبت کنید .

تبریک روز مادر ، تبریک روز پدر ، هدیه ولنتاین

شما برای تبریک روز مادر , تبریک روز پدر یا هدیه ولنتاین می توانید از جعبه گل و دسته گل های زیبا و دوست داشتنی با انتخاب های مختلف از گل رز طبیعی ، آلسترومریا شاداب ، گیاهان خاص و زنده و ... انتخاب و با تمام عشق و احترام برای مادر ، همسر ، پدر ویا عزیزان خود ارسال کنید .

ارسال فوری گل طبیعی

اگر وقت زیادی برای شما باقی نمانده است ، انتظار فایده ای نخواهد داشت در صورتی که شما با کارشناسان بخش پشتیبانی تماس بگیرید حتی به صورت فوری برای تولد عزیزان شما ، یا تبریک سالگرد ازدواج ، عیادت از بیمار و یا حتی بی بهانه میتوانید از دسته گل زیبا ، جعبه گل و گیاهان زنده گلبیشه برای خوشحالی عزیزانتان ارسال کنید .